Screw couplings M22x1,5 M ø14

Screw quick couplings M22x1,5 ø14
Screw quick couplings M22x1,5 F ø14, made of brass, with 1 O-Ring (*VITON®).
Pressure 220bar, flow rate 40l/min, temperature 150°C


Product Code Inlet Outlet
a AFC.7108 G1/4″ M M22x1,5 F ø14
b AFC.7107 G1/4″ F M22x1,5 M ø14
c AFC.7014 G3/8″ M M22x1,5 F ø14
d AFC.7013 G3/8″ F M22x1,5 F ø14
e AFC.0010 M22x1,5 F M22x1,5 F ø14
f AFC.7118 G1/2″ M M22x1,5 F ø14
g AFC.7119 G1/2″ F M22x1,5 F ø14