Idro high pressure washer

Professional high pressure washer
Idro enables a perfect wash, easily, safely and effortlessly.
Optimal for companies using high pressure washers continuously



Code Model Version Pressure Flow rate Rpm Power
ZA.2215 1450 200/15 By-pass 200bar 15l/min 1450 7,5hp/5,5kW (3x400V-50Hz)
ZA.2215-TS 1450 200/15 TS Total Stop 200bar 15l/min 1450 7,5hp/5,5kW (3x400V-50Hz)

Technical features
Frame set made of chromed steel
Cover made of thermoformed polystyrene
Pump 1450Rpm, with crankshaft, brass head, 3 ceramic plungers. Complete with bolt unloader valve, and glycerine-filled pressure gauge
Electric motor 1450Rpm 50Hz, complete with ON/OFF, circuit breaker switch and 5m electric cable
H.p. hose R1 5/16″, pressure 315bar, couplings M22x1,5 F

Standard equipment
H.p. hose R1, 8m, with screw quick couplings
Spray gun w/extension
580mm lance extension
H.p. nozzle 25° high resolution

  Code Description
optional ZX.1717-S Water inlet kit 10” type F complete with filter 10”: pressure stabilizer and pressure gauge, mesh cartridge of 50mcr, tightening spanner, support bracket and connection hose
optional ZN.CC100B3P3P H.p. hose R1 5/16″, 315bar, 10m, M22x1.5 F-F
optional CDR.7062 Hose reel kit composed of: painted support, manual hose reel and connection hose (WITHOUT H.P. HOSE)
optional ZY.040-T6M Terminal with rotating nozzle – 040
optional ZX.SCC10X Hose for sewer nozzles 5/16″ 10m – 040
optional ZS.040-T6M Terminal with sandblasting head – 040