Idro C high pressure washer

Professional h. p. washer ideal for car wash
Idro C enables a perfect wash, easily, safely and effortlessly.
Idro C has the characteristics of an hp washer particularly suitable for car wash continuous use, and, more generally, for all types of vehicle cleaning.



Code Model Version Pressure Flow rate Rpm Power
ZA.2817 1450 200/15 By-pass 200bar 15l/min 1450 7,5hp/5,5kW (3x400V-50Hz)
ZA.2817-TS 1450 200/15 TS Total Stop 200bar 15l/min 1450 7,5hp/5,5kW (3x400V-50Hz)

Technical features
Thermoformed cover in polystyrene
Professional pump 1450Rpm, crankshaft, brass head, 3 ceramic plungers
Electric motor 1450Rpm 50Hz, complete with ON/OFF
circuit breaker switch, and 5m electric cable

Standard equipment
H.p. hose R1 5/16″ 10m,
Spray gun RED 50,
Lance 700mm
H.p. nozzle 25° high resolution