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[space][box_title font_size=”26″ border_color=”#cdcdcd”]ABOUT CLEAN-EAST: a company of Idrobase Group[/box_title]
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CLEANEAST WAS FOUNDED IN 2004: during the past years the company has built an increasingly important role thanks its experience in the cleaning market.
CleanEast is in a position to manufacture its own products on the specific requests of the client and follow them through the entire process.

The production headquarters, a testing laboratory and the commercial offices are based in Ningbo, seaport city in the northeast of Zhejiang province.

Top managment, quality managers, product managers, finance and controlling are 100% italian.
Providing for the client the best service and products, CleanEast is guaranteed to provide a top level of quality with every consignment respecting the terms of dispatch and respecting the norms of production prevalent in the Far East.